A Bill to Create Congressional Districting Committees to Limit Gerrymandering

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Title of Legislation * A Bill to Create Congressional Districting Committees to Limit Gerrymandering
Designation * Primary
Date of Congress * Nov. 10
2 SECTION 1. The United States Federal Government shall now require all states to
3 implement independent redistricting commissions to draw district boundaries for
4 congressional elections.
5 A: The independent redistricting committees must consist of 9-15 members who
6 have been screened by their respective state legislatures, be required to remain
7 transparent with the public and encourage their participation, and be given adequate
8 funding by their state to enable the commission to hire professional staff, consultants, and
9 experts of its choosing.
10 B: These independent redistricting commissions will be given the power to draw
11 congressional districts based on population, contiguity, and compactness. If the
12 committee desires to use other criteria to draw their district boundaries, they must reach a
13 two-thirds majority vote in favor of adding each new criterion to their map drawing process
14 SECTION 2. . Congress or its designee will oversee the enforcement of this bill. If
15 states do not abide by this piece of legislation, the size of their congressional
16 delegation may be reduced.
17 SECTION 4. This bill shall be implemented January 1, 2021.
18 SECTION 5. All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.
Respectfully Submitted, Name of School * Rep. Andreas Pantazakos, Chaminade High School

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