A Bill to Aid Djibouti

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Title of Legislation * A Bill to Aid Djibouti
Designation * Primary
Date of Congress * November 10th, 2018
1 * Section 1: The United States shall provide $300 million in developmental aid to Djibouti.
2 Section 2A: “Developmental Aid” shall be defined as financial aid to support the economic, social, and political development of developing countries.
3 Section 2B: $120 Million shall be allocated to the pre-existing pilot WASH project in Djibouti and the Djibouti Department of Rural Hydraulics.
4 Section 2C: $90 million shall be allocated to Power Africa, Workforce Development, and the UN World Food Programme Project.
5 Section 2D: The remaining $90 million shall be allocated with the discretion of USAID.
6 Section 3: The United States Agency for International Development shall oversee the implementation of this legislation.
7 Section 4: This legislation shall take effect at the beginning of FY2019.
8 Section 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.
Respectfully Submitted, Name of School * Respectfully Submitted, The Bronx High School of Science

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