A Bill to Stop the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Title of Legislation * A Bill to Stop the Syrian Refugee Crisis
Designation * Super Session
Date of Congress * 3/17/18
2 Section 1. A. The United States shall give the nations of Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, and Turkey $3 billion each annually in conditional aid.
3 B. The United States shall accept 35,000 Syrian refugees per year until January 1, 2020.
4 Section 2. A “Syrian refugee” is defined as an individual who is currently fleeing the persecution or conflict within the Syrian state.
5 B. “Conditional aid” will only continue to be granted to the above nations if the respective state:
6 i. spends 90% of all aid received on food, water, shelter, education, or other necessities in the refugee population;
7 ii. grants the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees full access to the state’s refugees and their living conditions; and
8 iii. is determined by USAID to be fit to receive the previously defined quantity of the aid for the next fiscal year.
9 Section 3. The Department of State and USAID shall oversee this legislation.
10 SECTION 4. This legislation shall go into effect 30 days after passage.
11 Section 5. All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.
Respectfully Submitted, Name of School * Xaverian High School

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