A Bill to Fund Seawalls to Protect the U.S from Rising Sea Levels

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Title of Legislation * A Bill to Fund Seawalls to Protect the U.S from Rising Sea Levels
Designation * Primary
Date of Congress * 1/13/17
2 Section 1. $60,000,000,000 shall be set aside for the construction of concrete seawalls on United States shorelines.
3 Section 2. “Concrete seawalls” shall be defined as sloped walls made of concrete constructed on shorelines for the purpose of preventing establishments from being flooded or damaged by water.
4 Section 3. The U.S Department of the Interior in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency will be responsible for the implementation of this legislation.
5 A. Necessary shorelines, such as public beaches and wildlife conservation centers will have the seawall constructed a necessary distance from the water.
6 B. Owners of necessary shorelines must submit a report to the Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency indicating the necessary distance and the length of the shoreline.
7 C. A gatekeeper will be employed for the purpose of ensuring the reinforced door to traverse to the other side of the seawall is closed during an incoming natural disaster.
8 Section 4. This bill should be implemented a month after passage.
9 Section 5. All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.
Respectfully Submitted, Name of School * Respectfully Submitted by Christ the King High School

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