A Bill Regarding Sexual Harassment Cases against Congress

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Title of Legislation * A Bill Regarding Sexual Harassment Cases against Congress
Designation * Primary
Date of Congress * 1/13/2018
* Be It Enacted by this Student Congress Here Assembled that:
2 Section I: The Congress of the United States will be banned from making payments to victims of
3 sexual harassment allegations by individual members.
4 Section II: Members will make any payments in the future from their own personal finances.
5 Section III: Any member or former member of Congress who has benefited from such payments must
6 payback the amount of taxpayer money within one year of the passage of this legislation.
7 Section IV: Failure to pay back the money within the time frame will result in it being deducted from
8 each members’ pension over a twelve-month installment period of equal amounts.
9 Section V: This law will be enforced by the Department of the Treasury.
Respectfully Submitted, Name of School * Cathedral Prep

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